Process Definition File Dependency

This is a post from my old site.  In my blogger stats I have seen some traffic being redirected from this old post. I pulled the page back from Google cache, so it is mostly the same. However the screenshots are missing; I will attempt to recreate them soon. so I had to recreate them.

I had a head banger on a simple issue today.  It took a few hours to realize what the issue was, turned out to be way too obvious.  In PeopleSoft process scheduler we have setup some Process Definitions with a File Dependency turned on.  What this does is Block a process from running until a file is found.  This is setup in the Process Definition on the Process Definition Options tab under the On File Creation section.

Well today we updated the Wait for File path.  We rescheduled our processes but in the Parameters it still had the old file path.  After some head scratching I looked in PeopleBooks where it says this file path can be set at runtime.   So I looked and sure enough this value is stored on each Run Control Id.  It will only pull from the Process Definition if it is a new Run Control Id or if the filepath is blank.

Here is some SQL to help with this situation


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