Enabling Full Access to Market on Rooted Nook Color

My previous post was a guide to install Cyanogenmod(CM7) on a Nook Color.  At first glance, these steps worked perfectly and nothing was wrong. However, it soon became clear that I did not have full access to all Apps in the Google Market.  I first noticed Facebook showed up in the Market but did not have a button to Install.  I also found out that other apps, including Angry Birds, wouldn't install in CM7 on my Nook. This was annoying and confusing, but I figured it must be some strange issue with the fresh install and maybe after a few reboots and data\cache clears this issue would go away.  Well this was not the case, and the final straw was when I noticed Google Books wouldn't install for me.  This was one of the main reason I made the jump to a 7" tablet, outside of the sub $200 price of coarse.  I wanted a full functional tablet but also a better way to read my Google Books.

After some research, I found that this is a fairly recent issue for rooted Nooks.  It is caused by the latest update to the Google Market app.  After the update, some previously installed apps stopped updating and installing was disabled. Another odd omission is the Movies menu in the Market home. Instead there is a small blank space after Books.  If you see this then your access is being restricted.

I found a forum post on mobileread.com which walks you through a work around.  I completed the following steps and everything seemed to work just fine! Check out the post for more details and further conversation.
  1. Clear Market data in Application Info
  2. Navigate to System folder in Root Explorer and "Mount R/W"
  3. Long-press build.prop and "Open in Text Editor"
  4. Find "qemu.sf.lcd_density=161" and change it to 160
  5. Reboot
  6. Run Market


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